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Technology in schools

Many schools are introducing advanced educational technology into classrooms. We have been supplying interactive whiteboards and software for a number of years and welcome requests for technological equipment.

  • Interactive whiteboards: we have relationships with various interactive whiteboard manufacturers such as Smart Technologies, Cleverboard and Genee Technologies. However, if you have another board in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Interactive solutions: many companies are introducing products to turn ordinary whiteboards into interactive ones. These are attached to the wall above or to the side of your standard whiteboard. Smart Technologies, Genee and Dymo offer such products.
  • Accessories: projectors, slates, response systems and visualisers from companies such as Smart Technologies, Genee Technologies, Samsung and AVerMedia are all great assets to an interactive classroom.
  • Interactive tables: Smart Technologies and Innovative Educational Resources UK Ltd both offer great interactive tables for nurseries.
  • Software and eBooks: we work with companies such as Sherston, Boardworks and many publishers to ensure we can offer a range of software to compliment your interactive whiteboard. We are also able to handle the procurement of eBooks, both in CD and download format.
  • Netbooks and tablets for the school: the Fizzbook Spin has become known as ‘the laptop for pupils’. Being a laptop designed for the classroom it is both practical and durable. We are also able to source tablets for schools.


With a mission to lead the field in delivering the most cutting edge interactive learning products and solutions throughout Europe, AVerMedia is a leading digital video products provider specialising in visualiser solutions for the education and training sectors.


Boardworks is a publisher of a complete range of software designed for whole class teaching on interactive whiteboards and projectors. With complete curriculum coverage across 21 subjects at secondary, and a complete cross-curricular solution at primary, Boardworks’ ready-to-use lessons offer one simple solution to embedding ICT across all departments.

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CleverBoard replaces old-style blackboards and ink wipe boards and converts classrooms to full professional digital interactivity providing teachers with the most up-to-date means to communicate with their pupils.

Robust, hard-wearing, versatile, well-equipped and with a unique and greatly reassuring 30 years guarantee. CleverBoard comes with interactive educational software and also works with all other software. And uniquely CleverBoard has a hard indestructible ceramic surface which can also be used with regular ink markers so teachers not quite ready for the technology can still use the board.

Being non-electric and with in-built sealed resistance to condensation and heat, CleverBoard is ideally suited to the climatic and power conditions of Africa. The full range of CleverProducts includes long and short throw projectors, classroom voting systems, educational WorldWall software and secure laptop charging cabinets.


Since 1921 Elmo Co Ltd. has had a strong focus on the future of imaging technologies and how these technologies can be used to help enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. Elmo is the leading innovator and suppliers of visualisers in the Education market worldwide and is now striving to become a total Classroom Solution Provider.

Included in Elmo’s product portfolio is the award winning Elmo Slate Wireless Tablet, which recently received The US Tech & Learning’s magazine’s 28th Annual Awards of Excellence 2010. This award recognises outstanding educational technology products that enhance learning and provide innovative application to key areas of education.


The Fizzbook is a combination of a netbook, a touchpad and an e-book reader designed especially for children and the school classroom.

  • It’s Flexible - allowing sharing and collaboration among classmates. The way young people use technology means they want to share what they are doing, both with the people around them and online.
  • It’s Durable - designed to withstand the classroom rough and tumble. The Fizzbook wasn’t born in a lab, it was conceived through real research carried out with teachers and pupils in classrooms around the world. With this in mind it was designed to include: water-resistant screen, keyboard, and touch pad; 4.5 hour battery life; withstand accidental drops from desk height; and built-in carry handle.
  • It’s Manageable - allowing teachers to control lessons seamlessly.The on-board software suite has been designed to provide teachers with the essential tools to: manage classrooms; assess and monitor students; encourage collaboration and teamwork; and engage pupils through fun and interaction.

Genee Technologies

Genee World is headquartered in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. It was established with the clear purpose of creating effective, innovative, easy to use ICT and AV solutions that seamlessly integrates with other solutions in the classroom, boardroom lecture theatre, training or presentation area, and empowers teachers, educators and presenters around the world to teach, train, motivate and assess learners more effectively.


Sherston Software’s goal is to be the leading global provider of innovative educational software to enable students to access adaptive, personalised learning whenever, wherever and however they want so that they can evidence their progress and achieve a better learning outcome than they would have achieved otherwise; and to empower assessors/teachers to easily assess, feedback and report this progress so saving them time.

Sherston’s outstanding and award-winning reputation is built upon over 25 years of providing schools and nurseries within the UK and internationally with innovative educational technology products, designed to nurture and motivate children as well as boost their performance.

Sherston’s broad portfolio includes its flagship online products and, innovative assessment tools, plus an extensive range of products that are Learning Platform/LMS ready, optimised for android and iPads tablets and CD-ROM/USB flash drive deliverable.

SMART Technologies

For most companies, ‘global leader in interactive technology products’ would sound like a hollow boast, but with more than 25 million customers, serving teaching and business communities, SMART really can make this impressive claim. As at June 2010, it had sold over 1.6 million SMART Board interactive whiteboards, used in more than 1.3 million classrooms, in over 100 countries.

SMART Technologies introduced the World’s first interactive whiteboard in 1991 and today provides integrated hardware, software and services aimed at improving collaboration and learning, in both school and business environments.