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The Mallory story

Bookselling with added value

Mallory was established in 1984 as a textbook supplier and consolidator, mostly into Africa. It brought educational and teaching skills to the business of book supply, and these skills remain one of the company’s greatest strengths.

But added to them now is a range of other capabilities - in complex documentation, in matching the service exactly to customer requirements,in the processing and sorting of large shipments. We are particularly effective at handling supply to tight time scales, at quality control, and at sorting by destination or into packs.

Mallory is focused less on regular small scale supply than on special projects requiring particular skills and personal attention - the establishment of a new resource centre, say, or the fulfilment of a special one-off requirement, or an urgent delivery.

We have local representation in many countries, and we pay particular attention to the details of supply and to reliability of local delivery. When you place business with us, as a partner or as a customer,you can rely on our detailed and precise attention. A senior member of staff has hands-on involvement in every major supply.

Mallory International also provides publishers with a catalogue delivery service into African markets.


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