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Ethiopia - AAU library supply

Mallory International is more than a bookseller. We can offer a one stop facility for the design and supply of a wide range of resources, equipment and furniture.

At the end of 2016 we successfully tendered to fit and furnish the new library building at Addis Ababa University, including various sorts of specialised shelving, along with seating, carrels, tables, library trollies and other dedicated equipment. Our tender included visits to Addis Ababa by teams from the UK at design and implementation stages, and organisation of a team of skilled local craftsmen to undertake the fitting.

The contract was completed in the summer of 2017, and the formal opening took place in April 2018. We believe that this has set a new standard for library infrastructure in Ethiopia.

Library images

The images below show various features of the library, and include a photo from the opening ceremony in April 2018.

Desk units




Shelving units