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Letter to customers

The following letter has been sent to Mallory’s customers:

Dear Customer,

This is to keep you up to date with the measures we are taking to manage the Covid-19 epidemic, and to ensure that our customers continue to receive excellent service. Contrary to some news reports, things are not falling apart in the UK, but there are serious and specific challenges which we need to overcome.
In particular:

  • Most office staff will be working from home for the time being. The physical office will be kept open by a reduced staff, working on a rota to reduce the risk of infection. Staff will be working normal hours, and emails and other queries will be answered to normal time scales.
  • Our priority is to protect the warehouse operation, which naturally needs the normal complement of staff physically present. This is being done by social distancing measures, shift systems, additional cleansing measures, and health monitoring. Mallory has always provided high level sickness benefits for all staff, who will not lose out if they cannot work.
  • A named member of staff has been named as the key monitoring contact for each major supplier, to make sure that our inbound supply chains are maintained. Similar arrangements are in place with the main logistics companies who handle our world wide deliveries. At the moment the level of disruption is completely manageable, but we will inform affected customers immediately if and when specific issues arise.
  • We are treating travel, and visits to our offices, on a case by case basis. Travel will obviously be greatly reduced, both as a result of official restrictions and school closures or remote working. But the time we would have spent travelling will be redeployed in maintaining communications with you, our customers.

We would encourage you to use our Portal for putting your lists together, track your order(s) or access our catalogues.  If you are not yet registered, please visit the following link :

Finally, the situation changes all the time, and ours may change as well, to meet whatever combination of events we need to deal with. But we have worked successfully for many years, including in quite difficult markets, and we will make sure that you get what you need when you need it.
Thank you for your understanding,

Julian Hardinge